TermiKill Products:

  • This is the Original Termite Trap, a world first invention created by an Aussie entomologist and former pest controller. Beware of inferior, untested imitations.
  • Successfully used by 1000’s of Aussie homeowners for 14 years
  • Deadly to termites, but won’t harm you, your family or pets
  • 100% Australian made, owned and operated
  • The only traps in Australia sitting ON the ground. No digging. (Why? Studies proved they work faster than in ground monitors)
  • MORE traps than any other kit in Australia. (More traps means more chances of trapping)
  • Full instructions provided
  • Free postage anywhere in Australia
  • Free lifetime support

Our Products


TermiKill 1:1 Kit

Created for Australian conditions by Entomologist, TAFE lecturer and pest control textbook author Ion Staunton. It uses a system of bait and monitors – the same strategy that professional pest controllers will use. It takes 10 minutes to set up and lasts for years.

22 Traps and a Carton of Bait Pouches


Free Postage in Australia

$20.45 per unit with 6 Termite Tuckerbags

Termikill Sytem 1:Half Kit

1 carton of 12 TermiTraps and 1 carton of 6 Tuckerbags bait



Free Postage in Australia


Tuckerbag Termite Baits

Registered for homeowner use by the APVMA in Canberra, use these baits to kill the whole colony and remove the termite threat. Deadly to termites but 100% non toxic to you, your family and pets. What you don’t use will keep for many years. Enough in a carton to kill a large colony or a couple of smaller colonies.

6 Termite Tuckerbags


Free Postage in Australia

Pack of Termitraps

You can buy the traps on their own and bait later when you need it. Place them on your garden, on pavers, over expansion joints about 3 metres apart. No digging. There are 22 in a carton; putting them around is a 15 minute job. Easy to check as you walk past and easy to add bait when required.

22 Traps


Free Postage in Australia

$21.59 per unit

TermiTraps – Half Pack

This 12-Pack is for homes on smaller blocks up to about 400sq meters. Spacing them further apart on larger blocks can lead to big gaps between Traps through which termite scouts might find a way into your home. WARNING – The $180 you save buying the 12 pack might result in damage many times more costly than that.

12 Traps


Free Postage in Australia

$27.08 per unit

100% guarantee

We’re so confident that you will be delighted by the quality of our products and the helpful advice from our team that we offer a full no-nonsense, no-questions-asked refund guarantee.

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Termite Identification Kit

Don’t spend money trying to kill nuisance termites. Only a few species attack the solid timber in buildings. This ID Kit will help you to sort out which is which.

There is a quality magnifying glass with built-in light, a glass phial with a rod, a pre-paid envelope and indentikit illustrations on the cards


Free Postage in Australia


The Termite Trap Colony Killing System is for surburban homes, 2:1 Kit is for those who may live on acreage and have sheds to protect. The 3:1 Kit is for properties with many sheds, stables, stock loading ramps, etc.  There is 1 carton of Bait with each kit. You won’t need bait until you have live termites and you can always buy more when needed.

Termikill 2:1 Kit

2 cartons of traps(44) & a carton of bait(6)


Free Postage in Australia


Free Postage in Australia

TermiKill Termitrap Refills

Colony Killer Termite Bait (Tubs)

There are 10 tubs of bait in a carton. Only for use with the ribbed top termitetrap monitors.


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Termitetrap books


The inventor of these products Ion Staunton, is a former pest controller, TAFE teacher and wrote the textbooks used to train Australia’s professional pest technicians.

Termites and Borders 2nd Edition

The second edition of “Termites and Borers” is the revision of the very successful UNSW Press predecessor of the same name, published in 1998. The book is a consumer-oriented and compact handbook written in plain English for a general audience with an interest in protecting their home against termites (and other timber pests such as borers) Buy Now Or Learn More…